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We buy land for cash fast and in any condition!
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No closing costs
No clearing needed
No lengthy sale cycle

How It Works

Sell your land fast with these 4 easy steps
Submit a Web Form
Submit a quick web form on our website answering a few questions about your land property.
Receive Offers
Investors from our network that buy land plots will submit cash offers on your property.
Accept The Offer
Review submitted cash offers on your land property and accept the offer that is best for you.
Get Paid
Once the contract is signed and your transaction is formally completed, you will get all your cash!

Get an Obligation-Free Cash Offer to Sell Your Land Quickly

At LandCashin we buy land nationwide either through our own experienced in-house investment acquisition team or by connecting you with an extensive network of active land investors.

Whether you own developed or vacant land that you need to sell right away for cash, LandCashin will help. Our company focuses on pairing motivated property sellers with professional real estate investors for a fast, all-cash deal. LandCashin buyers purchase varied types of property throughout the United States.

The land buyers at LandCashin have been thoroughly researched by us to equip you with reliable and qualified investors ready to purchase your property. When you solicit your no-obligation offer from LandCashin, you can be confident that you are getting a fair transaction. We are interested in real estate in any condition or phase of renovation. We’ll make a bid on your raw land as-is.

We are experts in helping landowners turn their unused real estate into cash. Even if you want to sell vacant, untended, unimproved property quickly, we can help. Skip the protracted procedures and costs of a typical listing by transferring your property to LandCashin.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How quickly will I get my cash offer?

The investors at LandCashin are professionals who are prepared to move quickly to view your property and make you an offer right away.

You’ll get a cash offer for your land no more than 72 hours after we have assessed your property. Don’t be surprised if you get your offer right after we have seen it!

2. How can I sell my land by myself, without using a realtor?

If you want to sell land on your own, without a Realtor, it will be difficult if you are using traditional marketing methods.

Selling raw land yourself is a process of finding serious buyers who are looking in your market for the kind of property that you have for sale.

The traditional way of looking for land buyers takes a long time, involves more people, and costs you more money. You try to target your advertising to the portion of the general public that might be interested in your land.

While it’s possible to sell land this way it’s not the way to go if you want to sell your land today for cash.

The best place to sell your own land is LandCashin. We will instantly put your property in front of the buyers that you are trying to find. Our investors at LandCashin pay cash for properties like yours, and they close quickly.

With LandCashin, you’ll get a fair cash offer for your property without the time and cost of traditional marketing. It’s the best way to sell your land quickly.

3. Why is it better to sell my land to LandCashin instead of listing it on the market?

Listing your land on the market takes more time and costs more money than selling it to the investors at LandCashin.

  • Advertising your property will cost you money, whether you find a buyer or not.
  • You may need to spend money to make your property presentable.
  • Most of your early responses will be from brokers who want to list your property.
  • Some responses will be from tire-kickers and other curious property owners who aren’t really looking to buy.
  • You’ll need to be prepared to pay a commission to a buyer’s agent.
  • Many buyers that you find this way will have to borrow money to make the purchase. This entails a time-consuming process of mortgage approval. Your land will need to be inspected by the buyer’s lender and their agents, i.e. inspectors, appraisers, surveyors. It will take time before you know if the buyer is approved for their loan. And if they aren’t, you’ll have to start marketing again.
  • All of this can take months, even a year or more.

With LandCashin, you deal directly with the buyer who has cash. We will inspect the property in one visit, and you’ll have a cash offer within 72 hours.

Investors at LandCashin are looking for all types of properties in any condition all over the US. With a few clicks, your property is seen by the real buyers that you’ve been trying to reach.

We buy your land for cash and close quickly. We can usually schedule the closing to fit your schedule. Our flexibility can make a big difference for property owners who need to close without delay.

4. Will the offer that I get for my undeveloped land definitely be a cash offer?

Absolutely. At Landcashin, you’ll be working with buyers whose business is land investment. They have access to funds that are set aside for purchases in advance.

Instead of time-consuming traditional financing, they use their funds, cash from investors, and specialized financing like hard money loans to take advantage of investment opportunities as soon as they find them.

5. Will you buy my land As Is, no matter what condition it’s in?

Yes, we will. Our investors have experience with properties in every kind of condition. From raw land to partly developed property, LandCashin investors are looking for properties just like yours.

We deal with site work and cleanup issues all the time. You’ll get a fair cash offer for your property in its existing condition.

6. Does LandCashin have any commissions or additional fees that I have to pay?

LandCashin doesn’t charge you any commissions or added fees. Our offer to you is the amount you receive at closing. You don’t have to worry about hidden charges or last-minute fees. We also pay all closing costs for you.

7. How long will it take to close on a deal with LandCashin?

When we hear a landowner say ”I want to sell my land fast”, we tell them that they’ve come to the right place. Typically our deals close in no more than 30 days.

We perform any inspections, pay all cash, and buy properties as-is. This eliminates the traditional elements of a land sale that can take up a lot of time.

This can be the answer you’re looking for if you are dealing with time sensitive legal or financial issues like foreclosure. Now you know how to sell land fast!

8. Are closing costs paid by me, by LandCashin, or both?

When you sell your land with LandCashin, the closing costs are paid for you. When your property is inspected by our investors, they consider any potential costs related to the purchase. This includes your closing costs.

It’s all included in the cash offer that you receive up front. That’s how we make sure that you receive the amount that you are offered at the closing with no surprises. LandCashin is the best way to sell your land for free.

9. Are there certain markets where LandCashin will buy property?

LandCashin investors are looking for land investment opportunities throughout the United States. No matter where your property is located, you can get a risk-free purchase offer with LandCashin.

10. Do I have to take the offer that I get from LandCashin?

No. That’s the beauty of it. You’ll get a valid, fair offer on your property from qualified professional land investors without any obligation to accept it.

11. What happens after I accept your offer?

First, we’ll send you a purchase contract for you to review and sign. Once you’ve signed the contract, our earnest money is deposited with the title company. Next, we’ll work together to set a closing date that’s best for you.

On the closing date, you’ll sign your closing documents. The investor and the title company will go over them for accuracy. When that’s done, the title company transfers your funds to you, and you can enjoy your cash.

12. Does LandCashin buy any kind of land?

There are opportunities for investment in every different kind of land. Our investors have experience in all of them. The question is, what is the highest and best use of your land?

If you have rural land, the best use may be as farmland or agricultural land. There could also be opportunities to lease those properties for hunting land.

That same raw undeveloped land may be marketable for residential development immediately or at some point in the future.

Some investors specialize in commercial land in developed areas. Even vacant land that is not commercial can be re-zoned by experienced investors.

When federal land is sold by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), consideration is given to adjoining land owners through a modified competitive bid process. This may make raw land that is adjacent to federal land appealing to some investors.

13. How large my plot of land should be to qualify for your cash offer?

LandCashin investors are interested in land of all types and sizes. A small piece of land may be just as useful to one investor as a large tract of raw land may be to another investor.

You are welcome to submit land of any size to LandCashin for your free cash offer.

14. If my land has no access, can I still sell it?

Yes you can, but the laws of the state in which the land is located can have an impact on the value of that land.

A property owner has the right to get to their land. If the land doesn’t have access from a public thoroughfare, the owner can get access over an adjoining property. That might mean a simple conversation and agreement with the neighbor, or it could involve expensive legal action.

Whether your land has or doesn’t have access, we are still interested in it.

15. If I have a mortgage on my land, can I sell a portion of the property?

It will depend on the size of the mortgage loan and the size and value of the land. If selling a part of the property leaves enough land to secure the remaining loan balance, your lender may agree to the sale.

Remember, lenders don’t lend 100% of the value of their collateral. The value of the remaining property would have to provide the original minimum loan to value percentage.

As for LandCashin, we are interested in any property with any problems attached, so don’t hesitate to submit your property with a mortgage.

16. How to sell my land online?

There are websites where you can post your property for sale online. Some of these are social media sites that allow people to sell all kinds of things. However, those sites aren’t going to target the buyers that you are looking for.

Many real estate sites were built for realtors — professionals who list property regularly. They may require that you buy a long-term subscription if you want to list your property. Sites that charge short-term or by the listing are preferable for one-time property sellers.

You will need to research and qualify potential buyers the best you can. It is recommended that you secure the services of a reputable real estate attorney who can help protect you through the process.

An alternative, and the simplest, option to sell your land online is to request a cash offer for your property from LandCashin by using our contact form. We are direct land buyers, not brokers. And we don’t charge any fees. We will get back to you shortly, visit your property, and make a cash offer within 72 hours.

From the acceptance of our offer by the seller and signing the purchase contract, we normally close within a month, which is a very quick average turnaround time in land sale.

17. If I need to sell my vacant land for cash, what’s the best way to do this?

When you sell a plot of land privately and you don’t do this on a regular basis, you are at a disadvantage. You don’t have the tools or experience to know how to sell your vacant land by owner.

How do you find buyers who are:

  • actively interested in the kind of property you are selling,
  • actively looking for this kind of property in your local market,
  • reputable and knowledgeable, and
  • qualified to close on the purchase with cash and without undue delay?

You are going to need to have the time and money to market and show your property until you hopefully find the right buyer. This could include:

  • paying for marketing materials and signs
  • buying ads
  • making the property presentable
  • paying buyers’ agents commissions
  • showing your property to potential buyers, tire-kickers, and agents who want you to hire them
  • making sure that you don’t run afoul of state real estate laws regarding disclosures and documentation.

LandCashin has already found the buyers that you are looking for. We have researched the investors that we work with to make sure that they are experienced and reputable. Our investors can pay all-cash for your vacant land and close without delay.

The best way to sell your vacant land for cash is to go to LandCashin and ask for your free, no-obligation, all-cash offer today.

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